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Worldwide 30 years of satisfied clients
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Healthy and sustainable scaling of work organizations is a base requirement for successful entrepreneurship!

What I Do

Tailor made approach

I support individuals, teams and companies in finding unused personality, leadership and communication potentials. The tailor made projects I develop result into economical growth and an outstanding efficiency leverage. I educate my clients deeply, so that they can unfold their knowledge into gain bringing future skills.

Creation of successful work environments

McKinsey & CO, DELOITTE, BMW, WIRECARD, GOOGLE, Microsoft, MSH Media Saturn Holding, GlobeAir AG and other globally main playing companies have used my services especially around the topics „The creation of successful work environments“ and „Leadership, Team & Personality: Finding the perfect setting for your company“.

Finding hidden potentials

I am also successful triathlete being World and European Champion on the half IRONMAN distance (AG) and am keynote speaker to the topic „The creation of peak performance“.

The centre of what I do is the human being! For me any result is just as good as the individual / team has understood his / its function and position inside a dynamic and visionary community of interest.

I would be more than honoured if you give me opportunity to support YOUR desire in finding the hidden potentials in yourself, your team or your company.


Seminars and Workshops


KEY NOTE SPEAKER „The Creation of Peak Performance“


„How to scale up performance“


„How to be a leader and create followers in your own environment“

Please inquire on all topics


„What are YOUR company core values?“


„Team communication and performance“


„The art of pattern change“

Please inquire on all topics

Success is not an elevator in which you step, press a button and you get brought to success… it is the result of persistent work and never giving up!



Individual, Team & Company

Together with my client I investigate, analyse and detect factors which limit and / or prevent to achieve a best possible performance / solution for given tasks and situation. The solution is always tailor made and adaptive and never never „off the shelf“. The experience and learning is so profound that my clients / partners can from then onwards use the obtained skills independently to enrich their performance and transport it into there surroundings.


Individual, Team

The bottle neck of teams and their performance is often the leader! Leadership is no coincidence but a skill set which has to be deeply learned. It is not just a buzz word (it seem as if leadership would be „a walk in the park“). It is hard work! In coaching sessions (one on one), seminars and workshops (with the connected teams) I teach, communicate and transfer the basics and requirements of leadership. I let the participants experience first handed what true leadership means and how to use it. The GOAL is to support and equip the individuals and teams in the beat possible manner in order to get the highest outcome when achieving their commune projects. Ownership, responsibility and follow ship are natural results of the coaching and mentoring support.



The future employee has the highest expectation towards her / his work environment. It needs to be valuable for her / him in order to want to unleash their best working performance. For this reason companies need to profoundly identify which work environment they need to offer. In deep dive sessions with the leadership of companies, we analyse and identify the outlines which need to be met for a future work environment. This includes not only „work culture“, „communication culture“, „core values“ and „ethic values“ but also „independent and organic team settings“. The result is always created „inside- out“: starting with the employees, we let the change grow organically. The knowledge take away for the entire company is outstanding! Future on boarding of new employees becomes so much more effective and natural.


I have a very clear claim: „good and better is not what we are looking for… we are looking for the BEST possible solution for every individual setting.“ For this reason all methods and executions are communicated and agreed on in highest detail!


  • Identifies restrictions which limit full potential with highest exactness
  • Very precise identification and execution of set tasks which generates results with minimum effort and maximum output
  • Highest recognition of situations and awareness towards client
André Andonian

Managing Director, McKinsey & Co. Inc.

  • Best possible captain on board for innovative journeys
  • Convinces with extraordinary knowledge, experience, passion and visionary thinking
  • Maximum benefit for his client
Bernhard Fragner

Founder & CEO , GlobeAir AG

  • Working with him creates life changing moments
  • The best motivator you can have
  • Expert in matters of leadership, team building and personal performance power building
Katharina Wolff

Founder & CEO , D-LEVEL GmbH

  • Focused, straight and honest
  • Ability to identify peak performers who will drive the company’s future
  • Adapts himself and his methods according to the given situation
Harald R. Fortmann

Executive Partner, five14 GmbH

  • Highly professional and accurate
  • Very secure and motivating work approach with the client
  • Excellent communication
Ulrich Hegge

Senior Vice President, InfoSum

  • Excellent content and experience

  • Listens closely to his client and is very interested on what is demanded

  • Shows solutions by knowledge, experience and best practice

Rainer Göttmann

Founder & CEO , Metafinanz GmbH

  • Identifies restrictions which limit full potential with highest exactness
  • Very precise identification and execution of set tasks which generates results with minimum effort and maximum output
  • Highest recognition of situations and awareness towards client
Carl von Stechow

Founder & CEO, ZINSLAND GmbH

  • Highly professional
  • Highest expectation towards own service quality
  • Always a maximum take away for the client
Jan Bechler

Founder & CEO , Finc3 GmbH



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